Tip #2 for Local SEO

Content Is King

The idea of featuring quality, keyword-rich and frequently-updated content on your site is not so much a local SEO tip as it is an absolute-must-do for any SEO strategy. The reason why should be pretty obvious. When search engines’ crawlers visit your website in order to index it, they are determining what your site is about, in order to serve it up appropriately when a matching search query is entered. One of the most-obvious (but also frequently overlooked) ways for them to determine this is by reading your content to deduce the topics being covered.

Generating SEO-friendly Content

Generating content that will be effective for search engine optimization purposes should not be that difficult. If you are running a business (or marketing for a business), you should know enough about your industry to provide insight and information that people outside of your industry are not privy to. Consider starting a blog, even if only for SEO purposes.

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Tip #1 for Local SEO

5 Tips for Local SEO – Part 1

Over the next five articles, I will be offering up my top five tips for local SEO.

Tip #1: Think Long-Tail

If you are new to SEO, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of long-tail keywords. Essentially, the idea is that your needs may be better served by optimizing for longer, more descriptive keywords than broad, competitive one-word keywords. If your goal is to optimize your site for a specific product or service in your local area, you should naturally be thinking long tail. However, it is easy for those inexperienced with search engine optimization to overlook this fact and disregard this idea.

Example: I am a bakery in Buffalo, New York, and I am looking to boost my cupcake sales. It may seem logical to optimize for the keyword “Cupcakes.” However, a search for “Cupcakes” will demonstrate that a broad search like this returns millions upon millions of results. As the local bakery, attempting to rank for this keyword would be tantamount to shooting your SEO efforts in the foot. You’d face monumental competition from across the globe, mostly from websites that are not actually your competitors in any way. While you may be able to rank with time and effort, you’ve got a bakery to run.

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Welcome to Buffalo SEO Shark!

About Buffalo SEO Shark – What’s in a name?

We liked the idea of an SEO Shark, fierce, agressive, un-satisfiably hungry. Always on the hunt, ready to strike, snap its jaws and take a nice chunk out of the Search Engine rankings.

Our Mission

We are firm believers that effective Search Engine Optimization can still be accomplished by focusing on the essentials and fundamentals of SEO. We do feel it’s important to keep up on Search Engine news and changes, such as Facebook and Bing’s recent partnership, or Google’s recent re-structuring of their SERPs. At Buffalo SEO Shark, we believe in keeping up to date with search algorithm changes and the like. However, we feel there is a lot of SEO noise out there on the web, and a newcomer to the topic is likely to lose their focus and fail in their site optimization efforts by trying to take all of this information into account.

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