The Buffalo SEO Shark Team

The Buffalo SEO Shark staff is comprised of local industry experts who aim to bring you insightful musings into the SEO landscape, and teach you how to effectively “take a bite out of the competition,” no matter what area you’re targeting.

SEO Services

If the basics aren’t enough to get you started, we also offer our own SEO services for those who need a little more help. We love a challenge, and if you are tired of dealing with large agencies, Buffalo SEO Shark will be a refreshing change. We also don’t believe in making empty promises. Would you rather deal with a salesperson, or the ones who have been in the trenches for years, ready and willing to give you honest SEO answers based on real internet marketing experience? Like the sharks which our name takes after, we’ll gobble up the competition and leave you comfortably sitting on top.

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Buffalo SEO Shark

Nov 26