Welcome to Buffalo SEO Shark!

We liked the idea of an SEO Shark, fierce, agressive, un-satisfiably hungry. Always on the hunt, ready to strike, snap its jaws and take a nice chunk out of the Search Engine rankings.

Our Mission

We are firm believers that effective Search Engine Optimization can still be accomplished by focusing on the essentials and fundamentals of SEO. We do feel it’s important to keep up on Search Engine news and changes, such as Facebook and Bing’s recent partnership, or Google’s recent re-structuring of their SERPs. At Buffalo SEO Shark, we believe in keeping up to date with search algorithm changes and the like. However, we feel there is a lot of SEO noise out there on the web, and a newcomer to the topic is likely to lose their focus and fail in their site optimization efforts by trying to take all of this information into account.

Our goal with Buffalo SEO Shark is to offer quality, proven news information on SEO and Search Marketing. Stop wasting your time keeping up with Search news and blogs that are irrelevant to your goals. Let us chew through the clutter of Search Engine Optimization information for you. Our focus will be solely on providing SEO news and updates that matter to your business.

Our SEO Services

This site is a side project of two SEO professionals in Buffalo, NY. We are proud to offer SEO consulting, Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) services and consulting, Social Media Marketing services and more to local businesses of all sizes. Our primary focus is the Western New York area, but we can custom-tailor a search marketing campaign or SEO strategy to meet any needs.

Let Buffalo SEO Shark take a bite out of your competition on Google, Yahoo! & Bing today!

Buffalo SEO Shark

Nov 20, 10:25 PM


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